This is me.

About Me

I am a Software Engineer at Autodesk in the Delcam subsidary. We focus on CAD/CAM software solutions mainly for subtractive manufacturing. The day-to-day activites at my job involve writing C++ and C# code with forays into SQL and database management. I am married to my best-friend, Sonya Gilbert (née Lange).

I am originally from Vanceburg, KY, a small river city close to Ohio and West Virginia. I attended Lewis County High School and then received a Bachelors of Science from Morehead State University. When I was young I lived on a farm just outside of Vanceburg in an area named Quicks Run. It was a functioning farm where I helped my Dad raise tobacco, cows and bell peppers.

I currently live in Salt Lake City, UT -- a city that I love. Great views, great people, great music, great beer and great food.

Graduate School

I went to graduate student at the School of Computing in the University of Utah and completed a M.Sc. degree in Computer Science. My advisor was Dr. Ellen Riloff and I was a member of the Natural Language Processing research group. My research was on automatic coreference resolution and I was also involved with the development of Reconcile, an open source, extensible system for identifying coreferent noun phrases in free text.

This is my University homepage with more details on my time there and a list of my publications.

Contact Me

You can find me on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. I blogg about hiking and the outdoors here: Nathan's Hiking Blog. I rarely write about music at The Gates of Tedium. You can also contact me at Yup.

Random MST3K quote: "What he lacks in expression, he makes up for in hat-tips." -Crow. #417

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